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Selling a home is an art as well as a science.

Homes carry far more emotional weight than any other investment we make. One can try focus on spreadsheets, appraisals and statistics but in order to maximize value and save time, it pays to look into the psychology behind buying and selling.

Home buyers purchase emotionally and justify logically! It is very similar to choosing a life partner. You don't pick the person who is the most practical - you pick the person you fall in love with.

At Partners in Property we understand these dynamics. Our approach is as unique and as personal as your home. In today's market, you don't need another agent; but rather a trusted partner you can rely on to accompany you along your property journey. You can always expect an honest opinion, sage advice and a personal touch.

Are you ready to partner with property professionals who understand what buyers want, and how to take advantage of the psychology of selling your home?

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Nicky McLennan

Proven experience delivering the best service

Having started my formal real-estate career in 2008, I joined in time to see the effects of the property crises at the time, an experience which has subsequently proven invaluable to my career. Prior to this I came from commerce, where I ran my own businesses. My formal training also includes an honours degree in psychology. Thus, Partners in Property is a natural convergence of the two passions in my life, people and property.

Since 2008 I have achieved various awards for sales performance, but the everlasting relationships forged with my clients is my greatest achievement. As a solutions orientated partner, I focus on guiding clients through the intricacies of property transactions, ensuring their needs are always well considered. I started Partners in Property as the alternative to larger and often impersonal franchises in the market. Your home is more than a deal, it's personal. So don't leave it in the hands of just any agent, get a trusted Partner!

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